When generating screen saver, getting error Error saving Icon file. Err=104 IOException

Getting an error when I try to build the screen saver installer .app for macOS. The error is as follows:

Starting Macintosh Build 
Module Name : Planes, Trains and Automobiles
Installers Folder : /Users/username/Documents/iScreensaver Projects/Installers/Mac
Output file: Planes_Trains_and_Automobiles.app
Destination:  /Users/username/Documents/iScreensaver Projects/Installers/Mac/Planes_Trains_and_Automobiles.app

Error saving Icon file. Err=104 IOException
Elapsed time = 2.4 seconds

Error: Error saving Icon file. Err=104 IOException

The build failed due to an error

The application, is white listed in Crowdstrike, runs perfectly fine on a Windows 11 system, but when we try to build in macOS we get this error.

I tried looking for the temp folder its supposed to create, but I dont think it gets to that part, as it errors out right away. Any advice we can get on this to get it to work will be appreciated.

Sorry you are having trouble. The 104 error almost always means something is preventing iScreensaver Designer from writing to the disk. In our experience, this is usually caused by anti-virus software. Another cause may be file synchronization utilities. Please read IO Exception Error when building Mac Screensaver for more details.

In this case, since you say you’ve already allow-listed Designer using Crowdstrike, I wonder if something else is going on?

Could you do another test for us? Before doing the build:

  1. from the Windows menu choose Debug Log

  2. In the debug log window, choose “Show: All”

  3. Try the build again, and when it fails, please copy the last 10 or so lines in the log window before the failure.

We expect you should see something like this:

4:12:18	0	0	Destination:  /Users/username/Documents/iScreensaver Projects/SpaceDemo/Installers/Mac/Install Space.app
4:12:18	280	0	Unzipping Saver App
4:12:19	687	0	Utils.RecursiveUnzipToDisk root=/private/var/folders/1w/xyz340000gq/T/TemporaryItems/iScreensaver Temp/Temp-691F06FD/Install Space.app
4:12:19	0	0	Copying done
4:12:19	100	0	Fixing Info.plist
4:12:19	102	0	Copying Icon file 
4:12:20	111	0	Adding .saver bundle to Installer

If it doesn’t fail there, it may fail later on with log lines that look like this:

4:12:20	0	0	----------------------------------------
4:12:20	0	0	Adding index.html
4:12:20	9	0	----------------------------------------
4:12:20	0	0	Copying ICO file 
4:12:20	6	0	IconHelp.MakeICOfromPicture adding icon size 16x16
4:12:20	2	0	IconHelp.MakeICOfromPicture adding icon size 32x32
4:12:20	0	0	IconHelp.MakeICOfromPicture adding icon size 48x48
4:12:20	0	0	IconHelp.MakeICOfromPicture adding icon size 64x64