IO Exception Error when building Mac Screensaver

I am wanting to try out the software to build a simple screensaver using static images and nothing else.
When I hit the Build button I get the following error in the iscreensaver Designer Log:

Utils.WriteBinaryStringToFile IOException 104 : IOException

Please can you advise how to resolve?

Many thanks

Welcome to the community!

The 104 error is usually caused by something preventing the output file to be written. Are you doing any of the following?

  1. running antivirus software
  2. trying to build on a network server, shared folder (such as DropBox, iCloud Drive, etc.)

More tips:

  • disable your anti-virus software (such as CrowdStrike) or set up an Exception for iScreensaver
  • if you are using iCloud Drive, you can rename the iScreensaver project folder to end in .nosync which will prevent iCloud from synchronizing the folder
  • if you are on Sonoma 14.0, please upgrade to Sonoma 14.1 which addresses some of these issues.

If you are adding specific exceptions for iScreensaver to your antivirus software, please take note:

During build, iScreensaver builds to a temporary folder, and then copies the built installer app to the destination folder (the /Installers/mac or /Installer/win folders which are located next to the ISC project file.

On macOS the temp folder has a long random name.
If you look at the build details, you will see the folder listed toward the end. It will look like this:

Adding Module JSON
Saving Archive
Saving Copy to : /private/var/folders/1w/bjsh07hj1g3_7x6x4m064ryw0000gq/T/TemporaryItems/iScreensaver Temp/Temp-77300306/Install SpaceDemo

An easy way to find this temporary folder is to use the Terminal and type this command:

open “$TMPDIR/TemporaryItems/iScreensaver Temp”

Which will open the folder in the Finder.

Then you can add this folder to your antivirus exceptions list.