[Solved] Automatic Sizing ?

How does one get the Mac version of iscreensaver to automatically size itself to whatever monitor it shows on?

There’s more than one way to resize an object to fit the screen. iScreensaver has presets for most of the common ones (Letterbox, Crop, Fill Screen) and also allows you to choose custom sizes.

See http://iscreensaver.com/help/help07.shtml#mediaSize

I know about the presets, but none of those automatically fits screen size to monitor, like most screen savers. Given all the different monitors that it might be viewed on, is there any way to set a preference or a setting to automatically fill the entire screen for whatever monitor it’s playing on ???

The “Full Screen” size will do just what you ask for. If it’s not functioning, then something else is wrong.


  1. what media are you using (Image, Movie, SWF/Flash?)
  2. what OS are you using?
  3. what version of iScreensaver are you using?

From the customer “This does not work – when I use this option (run full screen) there is a black space or margin around the pictures in the slide show. How to get rid of the black margin to have a truly full screen picture? Also, once I create a screensaver using your software, can I sell it from my website? How might one make it downloadable and installable like the downloads one gets from the App Store?”

Question 1 : “Full Screen” stretch mode does work with images. If you are not seeing it work, one of several things may be happening:

  • you haven’t chosen “Full Screen” stretch mode for that image.
  • the image already is letterboxed, and includes black margins in the image data
  • you just resized the window in Designer. This is a known issue. Just re-select the item in the sequence editor and you will see it update properly.

Question 2 : How to sell your screensaver. As of this writing, Apple does not allow screensavers to be sold in the Mac App Store (MAS). You are free, however, to sell your screensaver any way you wish. Details of how to do this are up to you – we do not provide support for legal or business questions.

If you are simply asking how to let your users download the screensaver, then please read our detailed instructions here: http://iscreensaver.com/cd.shtml

Support: As far as I can tell, I have followed your directions accurately, but I still cannot get the image (not letterboxed) to fill the entire screen. It still has black margins – do I need to “Build” it first?

Also, do you have a downloadable PDF User Guide?

Thank you, --Dave

Further info – I just tried “Building” and installing the screensaver and the same problem happens when playing on my Mac – there are black spaces or margins around the images as they gradually expand and contract. I use a 24-inch Intel Imac running MacOS 10.6.8.

Is it possible that the download from the app store malfunctioned? After the download seemed to be complete, the little gear-wheel did not stop spinning – it kept on for about an hour before I finally closed Safari.

Also, my Project Window does not have “Locking, Controller, and Installer” icons in the tool bar. Should it?

Still more info: I notice that when I drag and drop my images from iPhoto onto the Project Window, they acquire the black margin spaces. In iPhoto, there are no black margins.

…“there are black spaces or margins around the images as they gradually expand and contract”

That’s the problem – you have the “Random Motion” checkbox enabled. This will apply a random motion to the image. Sometimes it moves towards the screen, sometimes it moves away. Naturally, when you have an image that is stretched to fit the screen, and you zoom out, you are going to see the edges of the image.

Turn off “Random motion” and you won’t see that any longer. However, the images will no longer have a motion effect.

“Is it possible that the download from the app store malfunctioned”

What program are you using? Are you using “iScreensaver Designer” or “iScreensaver Personal”?

iScreensaver Personal is available via the Mac App Store.
iScreensaver Designer is not.

I am using iSs Personal, and how does one find and turn off Random Motion? I’ve searched for it and cannot find it.

Orange: it sounds like you should spend some time reading the user manual? You can find it here: http://iscreensaver.com/help.shtml If you wish a PDF version, you can simply click the “Complete Guide” link then Print to PDF from within Safari.

The answer to your specific question can be found here:

Yes, I have spent time reviewing the online manual before contacting you. It would be nice to be able to download the entire manual as one PDF instead of having to print it out section by section. Anyway, I am wondering if the Personal Version is missing some things that do show in the manual (for the Pro Version?), or as I asked about previously, is it possible that my download was incomplete?

Again I ask, where is the Random Motion setting in the Personal Version so that I can turn it off? Thank you for your help.

Also, my Project Window does not have “Locking, Controller, and Installer” icons in the tool bar. Should it?

Hi Orange – Please read our prior response, it includes instructions for how to create a single PDF of the entire user manual with one print command.

You are correct : The Personal version has fewer features than iScreensaver Designer. The list of feature differences is on the landing page for your version: http://iscreensaver.com/personal

We don’t yet have a user manual that’s specific for Personal, but as long as you keep that list in mind, you should be fine. Enjoy!

Does this mean there is no Random Motion on-off setting in the Personal Version?

Am still hoping you can help me — Does this mean there is no Random Motion on-off setting in the Personal Version? Without a manual specifically for the personal version, it’s not always easy to tell what applies and what doesn’t. Thank you.

Hi Orange – All visual and audio sequence editor functions are available in the Personal version. Support for Microsoft Windows, Deluxe / Unlocking Content, Control Panel customization and building Installers is not. Please read http://iscreensaver.com/personal for the full list.

I have reviewed all that you suggested. I cannot find the answer to my simple yes-or-no question, and it blows my mind that you refuse to give me help with this. Please answer my question:
Is there a Random Motion on-off setting in the Personal Version? If so, please tell me how to find it, and/or direct me to the exact place in the user guide that shows how to find this option.