Error and build failure

I have been getting this error with build failure, anyone else? Using version 6.8.8, macos 13.6.6 Mac Pro 7,1 intel

Error: cBuilder.FixPlistForSaverBundle unable to save file /private/var/folders/_x/mxtttwg50gqc0fnmw0x7c0t40000gn/T/TemporaryItems/iScreensaver Temp/Temp-481BE879/Install ink

The build failed due to an error

I thank you in advance

This looks like the typical problem you see with AntiVirus or File Sharing software, please read When generating screen saver, getting error Error saving Icon file. Err=104 IOException for more ideas and solutions.

Thank you, I’m feeling pretty silly now.

Glad to hear you go it working. Was it Antivirus or file sharing that was the problem?