Writing a good bug report / asking for help

We’d really like to help out. Help us help you by following these guidelines for submitting a good problem / bug report.

Please use this format:

a one-line description of the problem

Steps to reproduce:
step by step, what exact steps cause the problem

Expected results:
what you wanted to see

Actual results:
what actually happened

is it reproducible? (rarely, sometimes, always)
where does it occur?
What version of iScreensaver software (4.0.0.xxx) ?
OS : osx 10.4, 10.5, 10.6, win XP, Vista or 7
Plugins: QuickTime & Flash Versions?

Good Example:

Using AVI movies seems to cause the screensaver to exit in os x 10.6.2
Steps to reproduce:
1. build a screensaver that includes a single AVI movie.
2. Install the screensaver on mac os x 10.6.2
3. activate the screensaver using a hotcorner
Expected Result:
The AVI movie should play
Actual Result:
I see the movie start for perhaps 0.5 seconds, then the screensaver immediately exits.
I don’t see any error messages or warnings.

built using iScreensaver under OSX 10.6.2
it happens 100% of the time on osx 10.6
it never happens on 10.5, or on windows XP or Vista
if I activate the screensaver via the control panel’s “Test” button it works fine
if I preview the screensaver from the installer, it also works fine.

Poor Example:
“It doesn’t work! I keep trying but some thing comes up and shows the size. I don’t want the size there!”

so, by the example, i should assume that AVI files are not the proper movie format to use?

(btw, nice upgrade, about time!)


Yes, under OS X 10.6, 10.6.1, and 10.6.2, certain video codecs will cause the screensaver to exit. This is a known bug of which Apple is aware. We hope for the speedy repair of this situation.

The unsafe codecs are:
Sorenson Video3 Decompressor
Motion JPEG
H264 (video directly from iPhone).

Safe codecs currently are:
Photo JPEG
H264 (when re-saved from QuickTime Pro)

This information (and more) is included in the Release Notes, here in the Forum.

Release Notes: http://iscreensaver.com/releaseNotes

(and btw, thanks, we feel it’s about time too!)