Where are the downloaded filescached?

I have created a screensaver with Flash and exported it into a working screensaver using iScreensaver. The flash screensaver is basically a photo slideshow which loads images from a server. Everything is working perfectly, however to regulate and control the bandwidth usage, I am trying to figure out where downloaded files from screensaver is cached/stored. If you have any idea that would be great. I assume they would be different locations for PC and Mac, in different OS’s too I suppose. Any input would be great! Thanks!

Flash downloads are entirely handled by the flash plugin, so it’s not under control of iScreensaver. If you test the SWF outside of iScreensaver (say, in a HTML page in your web browser), where do the file downloads go? I suspect it would be the same location when running inside iScreensaver.

If you wish, you can email us a test SWF and ISC project and we can do some testing.

Right, when flash is sitting in a web browser all its externally loaded files are cached as the browser’s temporary internet file/cache as well. So I am thinking even if the screensaver wasn’t created by flash, say with javascript or something, the items that are downloaded are probably stored in the same place? Might be hidden files even.

iScreensaver 4 uses the built-in OS’s web rendering context – on Windows this means the IE engine, and on Mac this means the Safari engine. So basically, you should expect things to function more-or-less the same under iScreensaver, as they would under the browser. I’m sure there are some exceptions to this general rule, but it’s a good position to start from.