What is iScreensaver Classic?

It is a Screensaver program for Macintosh OS 9 systems that’s able to run any QuickTime or Flash movie - no custom engineering or software needed!

This product is still fully functional for pre-OS X machines that need a Mac-only solution, but it has been discontinued in deference to iScreensaver Designer.

While screensavers aren’t really necessary with today’s modern monitors, they can still be fun and creative - anything from a simple arty distraction to a powerful message delivery system for an exciting advertising campaign.

iScreensaver is a Macintosh stand-alone application - no extra control panels or extensions needed - that, when installed, puts a simple alias into your Start-Up items folder, so that it will be there whenever you start up your computer. It comes with several simple beautiful modules to choose, like picture cube and fireworks, or add your own pictures or movies.