Using Large Images with iScreensaver

How big is too big? iScreensaver uses several imaging technologies (OpenGL, QuickTime, and OS-level image manipulation libraries).

In some cases, the wrong size image can cause problems: slow performance, bad quality, and even crashing.

We’ve written a short “Best Practices” page with tips:

My client doesn’t want to update all their computers to OpenGL 1.3. They have 1.1 installed. Is there a way to build these screensavers so that it doesn’t require OpenGL 1.3?

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In answer to your question:

OpenGL 1.1 was released in 1997. OpenGL 1.3 was released in 2001.

If your client wants to stay with old technology, it’s their right, but they have to realize that there are some costs to this.

iScreensaver Designer may work with OpenGL 1.1 systems, although you’re likely to find very poor performance. As an author, you can change the version of OpenGL that the screensaver installer checks for in the Build panel.

Bottom line: we strongly recommend your client upgrade their video drivers to something from the last decade…

If they really have ancient Legacy Windows XP PCs, you may want to consider using iScreensaver 3.5 Legacy instead.