User getting IScreensaver Debug window

I have a user getting errors coming up in the iScreensaver Debug window. Surely that should only come up in the Designer.

The errors are all wglXXX and the user is on Windows 7 Enterprise with IE8 and QT 7.6.9. The screensaver runs fine otherwise.

Can this be suppressed on end-users machines?


Are you using the most recent version? In an older version error messages would show up for running screensavers, but now this only happens in the Installer Preview, not in the installed screensaver.

So, first, double check the version # in use.

To further help you with this, we’ll need more information, including the exact error message ( a screenshot, or a copy of the entire error log would be best).

To generate an error log:

  1. Launch the screensaver Installer.
  2. Do not install…but rather:
  3. From the popup arrow, choose “Show Log Window”
  4. Click the “Preview” button (hold your mouse steady so it doesn’t exit immediately)
  5. Wait until the error(s) have happened.
  6. Click in the log window. Type Ctrl-A (select All) and Ctrl-C (Copy)
  7. Send us a copy of the log – you can paste it into an email message or into the forums.

Yep, the errors (now on 4 different users machines (out of 12) are all in the preview.

I assume it’s to do with the version of OpenGL on the end users machine, in which case I’m going to have to bail out and find another solution. I can’t expect end users to have to update that.



I agree, it is probably due to out-dated OpenGL drivers.

However, we may be able to help you – if the saver works in spite of the error(s) then this is probably something we can treat as a warning, rather than an error.

We’re releasing a new version soon, so if you can get us the info we can probably get the fix in for you.

To do this – give us the exact error messages you are seeing (copy & paste the exact wording). “wgl” is too generic for us to help, we need the specific error(s).

If we get this from you today, we may have a fix for you quite soon.