Upgrade to 6.6.1 now throws an error

Just upgraded to 6.6.1 and now I’m getting the following error when the screen saver launches (post-build and installation with no errors): “Invalid character line: 2341 column: 17 syntax error: Invalid character<- at cU
Any ideas?

Hi, can you say more?
is this mac? windows?
What version of the OS are you using?
What sort of content is in the screensaver? (images, movies…)

Windows 10 w/latest updates. Content includes both images and movies. I’ve been using iScreensaver since August and never had this error. I can try recreating my existing screen saver project and see if is a file related issue, but it was working fine on 6.6.

We’ve never seen that problem, and based on the error message, it sounds a bit like the file might have been corrupted. This can happen in a number of ways, including using file synchronization / shared programs such as Box or OneDrive, antivirus programs, and jsut plain old failures with hard drives, SSDs, or networking.
In iScreensaver Designer, Preferences, Cache, please do a Deep Clean, then quit the app, restart it, re-build your screensaver installer and try again.
If that doesn’t work, please let us know?

Well, my sincere apologies. I had a powerpoint in one of my picture folders and that was wreaking havoc. Maybe a future release could include flagging of non-pic/movie files (i.e., if ends in .doc, .pptx, .xls, .txt, then display “hey, why did you put this file type in a picture folder!!”)

Interesting - I believe that Designer is supposed to filter out invalid file types, but perhaps that’s not working all the time. Was the offending file .PPT or .PPTX or something else?

It was a PPTX