Tutorial: Fiji Panorama Screensaver

Objective: Show off panorama vacation photos in a most ambient manner.
Example: Fiji Panorama Demonstration at https://iscreensaver.com/downloads.shtml#fiji
Create a new project in iScreensaver Designer.
Select panorama photos in your photo library.
Drag photos from photo library to iScreensaver’s Project Sequence window.
Arrange panoramas in desired Sequence Order.
For our Fiji panorama photos, we took them over a 24-hour period, and want them staying in order, so:
On Info:Sequence, set Loop on, Shuffle off, and to Start with random item.
Standard scrolling ‘240 Cylindrical’ panoramas default to 40 second duration and Spin direction -3 Y. But, we want them to be slower:
Select all photos in the Project Sequence window.
On Info:Media:Effect, extend Effect Duration to 3 seconds, Rotation +15 Y, and Spin -1.5 Y. We want a slower transition and half the default Spin, but as close to the left edge as possible. The slower transition allows the sharp edge of the photo to be seen, so we use the Preview window and try real-time adjustments to the initial starting position with Rotation Y until the transition occurs without seeing the left edge.
On Info:Behavior, extend Play time duration to 60 seconds. The content of our images are wider than we want, however, we don’t want to edit them. To transition out of the panorama early, instead of just doubling the default 40 seconds to 80, try halfway with 60 seconds, which works well.
We built the demo, install it, and for 20 minutes, watch an entire cycle of our 20 images to closely inspect all transitions. Using the HUD or keyboard arrows would advance before the actual transition, so we had to be patient with real-time viewing. [If we were shuffling our panorama photos, we might temporarily turn on Captions so to track which images might need individual adjustments.] For Fiji, we had no need for individual adjustments.
If you wanted to have ‘240 Cylindrical’ panoramas scroll from right to left, the default equivalent would be:
On Info:Media:Effect, set Rotation -140 Y, and Spin +3 Y.
Different screen size ratios may require differing initial Rotation, use Preview:Size to preview different sizes.