turn off screen

my PC is on Windows 11
during screensaver, my screen won’t turn off. is set to turn off after 15 minutes.
screensaver start after 10 minutes.
it’s normal ?
Screen off option not supported?
screen off option is not supported of it’s a bug ?
can you fix this please ???

It should turn off, but we have seen cases where it does not properly.

  1. What sort of content do you have in your screensaver? (Images, Videos, 3D Models, Sound…)?
  2. If you let it run does it turn off at 25 minutes (10 minutes until screensaver activates, then another 15 minutes before screen goes dark?)

Thanks for your answer.
The content of my screensaver is a MP4 video (Fireplace) the video codec is H264 AVC 3840x1600 (for 21:9 fullscreen) and audio is AAC codec.
The screensaver work perfectly but it’s really for turn off screen completely the problem.
So I did the test with screensaver start at 1minutes and screen turn off 2mn indeed after 3mn the screen is black but stays on. screenshot below
Normally screen turn off completely (Led power Orange) screenshot below
can you fix this and make the screen turn off completely

Interesting data, thank you.

  1. There is a bug in Windows 10 (and 11 we believe) where if you have a video playing, the monitor will never sleep
  2. iScreensaver detects this situation, and will automatically go to a blank screen (I believe this is what you are seeing when the screen goes dark, but the monitor is still ON)
  3. after another delay, Windows should detect that there is no activity, and shut off your monitor.
    What happens if you wait a few more minutes - does the monitor eventualy go to sleep?

Thanks for your answer. Finally it works.
Screensaver start at 10 minutes. Screen goes black but stay ON + 15mn ( 25mn) and screen turn completely off + 15mn again (40mn)
Finally durations add up. Screen turns off after 40 minutes (10mn+15mn+15mn)
so it works. Thanks for your help.