trying to load a file in windows 7 - help!

I have an iscreensaver file that came with a CD i bought a few years ago.

I have been using this file and would like to continue using it.

However, my operating system has been upgraded to windows 7 and I think this file is not compatible any more. I have downloaded the latest version of iscreensaver but cannot get it to run this file.

If I could have some assistance in trying to get this file working again, any help is appreciated.

The message I get after attempted installation is:
c/stage.nextAsset:movie file won’t open:/roaming… (etc to the pathname of the file needed)

Are you the author of the original screensaver? If not, you’ll need to contact the author – only they can upgrade the screensaver to the latest version.

If you are the author – we need more information – what type of file are you trying to show (movie, images, or SWF/Flash) ?