Some metadata not displaying for some images

The metadata and variable list is showing in the project list but is not displayed.
In my attached example anything added to the default is not showing… the reason being that when I selected the image and reselected the Caption tab, the additions are gone, even though still showing in the list. Good ol’ Monterey I suspect.
I reset my Caption tab for all images and Preview now shows my sample correctly.
In case it has a bearing… I use “SaveAs” a lot. Once I have a good build and install I SaveAs incrementing filename as well as build/installer name.

Possibly a caching issue? I would do this:

  1. in any project created in an older version, select all items, Right Click, and choose Item/ “Update Metadata”
  2. save and close
  3. From iScreen Designer / Preferneces / Cache, click Clean and do a Deep Cleaning
  4. Quit Designer (important)
  5. Re-open your project.
  6. It’s likely that as the information is regenerated, it will update properly

Thanks for the deep clean reminder. I used it before but this time memory blanked
All good for now. Thank you.