[Solved] Windows instalation problem

Hello, i made a quicktime h264 screensaver in a MAC with iscreensaver 4 designer pro and works fine in MAC OSX. But i can´t install it on Windows. I build the .exe file but when i open it in Windows Vista as administrator nothing happens. I have the latest quicktime pro version installed and i turned off antivirus and every protection. Do i need to make any specific option during the build process of the installer? Is there other way of creating the needed .scr file?


For most cases, we recommend the “Make Single File EXE” option which will build a single EXE file that is the installer. Did you do that?

You say “open as administrator” – you actually do not want to choose “Run As Administrator” in Vista or Win7 – iScreensaver 4 has built-in support for privilege escalation. Just double-click the EXE and that will start the install.

Sometimes, when launching an EXE file the system is slow to process it. So you might double-click it a second time. In that case you can end up with 2 or more copies running at the same time, which can cause issues.

The solution is to simply reboot windows and try again (being patient after you open the EXE the first time).

If none of these solve your issue, then feel free to provide us access to a copy of your built screensaver and we can test it out (If it’s public, you can post a URL to the forums, or otherwise email us directly).

Is it normal that this happen every time that I try to install the screensaver? I tried several times, and every single time I need to run the installation, then reboot and run another time.

Hi Webproducer - What version of iScreensaver are you using?

iScreensaver Designer 4

More specifically? 4.x.x.x ?

Thank you for your help!


There were some issues in older versions, but in our testing launches just fine on Vista systems.

Are you using the Single File EXE version? If so, you may want to try the regular installer.