[Solved] Windows error

I downloaded the personal version of the software to assess whether or not to purchase the enterprise version and when building a test screensaver I am getting the error below when it gets to the windows build. The MAC build seems to go through fine.

Error creating Build/Win/Libs/Archive folder. Is your project file on a locked disk or server?

iScreensaver Personal doesn’t build Windows screensavers at all (it’s Mac-only and only sold via the Mac App Store).

Assuming that you mean you downloaded the Trial version of iScreensaver Designer…

The most likely cause of this is

  • your disk is full
  • you are building on a network server (try building on your local hard drive)
  • you have some anti-virus software blocking the operation (try disabling it before building)
  • you have entered an illegal character in the filename for the Windows screensaver.

If none of those fixes it…please email us a copy of the Log window showing the error? (From the Windows menu, choose “Debug Log”, then click “Show All”. Click onto the log window, choose “Select All” from the Edit menu, then paste the results into an email.)

Per customer report: they were using a very long filename for the screensaver installer. Shortening the filename solved the problem.