[Solved] Turned pictures

After creating a folder/saver and view it in preview mode some of the photos are turned 90degrees.
Why? And what corrects it?

It depends on where the images came from (directly from a camera, or after processing by some other software) but in some cases this can happen. One way to fix it is to re-saver your images in the proper orientation using your image processing software.

Another way is to just rotate the images inside iScreensaver. You can do this on the Info/Settings window: Select the Media tab, click to open the Display section, and in the Adjust section you can use the Rotation setting to change the image back to the direction you want. The rotation setting’s icon is the arrow going in a circle. See here for detailed instructions: https://iscreensaver.com/help/help07.shtml#mediaSize


The iScreensaver editor has full multi-edit capability: you can select any number of items to edit with the same settings.

If you are having this rotation problem on many images, it may be that you would be better off re-exporting the images. What photo management software are you using?

Folders on my desktop.

I’m assuming that you are using iScreensaver Person 4.5. on a mac, right?

Two ideas:

  • load your pictures into iPhoto (old) or the newer Photos.app by dragging & dropping. Your photos should show up in the correct orientation. If not, rotate them as needed.

  • from within iPhoto or Photos.app: select the photos you want and then Export them to a new folder. Then import that folder into iScreensaver. Those photos should be at the proper rotation.

Instructions here: