[Solved] SWF Quality is very bad


I’m building a screensaver with iScreensaver 4.4.4 an Flash (AS3 and FlashPlayer 10). The SWF contains some vector-icons which behave like a cloud - everything programmed with AS3. When I test the SWF everything looks as it should, but when I import it into iScreensaver and built the screensaver for PC, it’s totally degraded. It looks exactly the same way as if the quality-settings were changed to “quality = low” (shapes are pixelated and animations are stuttering).

I tried different settings in iScreensaver but nothing worked.

Please help!

iScreensaver uses the quality=autohigh setting which should strike a good balance of performance vs. quality. The only reason for ‘autohigh’ to look bad would be if your PC was terribly underpowered.

My guess is that it’s something else, likely something to do with screen size scaling. If you are doing AS3 programming then one needs to be very careful to handle the screen size and aspect ratio calculations correctly.

See this thread which has an extended discussion:


Thank you for your answer.

I tried to add a background square and set the scale mode to SHOW_ALL - but it didn’t change anything. The borders of all the elements (even vector elements!) are still edged as if the SWF was set to low quality.

The SWF was built with FlashBuilder - could that cause the problems?

It certainly could be the issue. Have you looked at the generated FLA file to see if it’s following our instructions?