[Solved] short pause between audio clips with random setting.

Using screensaver designer. I’m a musician/songwriter. So coming from that point of view. I’ve created a 16 second video loop that plays over and over without a stutter. At 120 BPM, 16 seconds is 8 bars. What I’m trying to do is load 12 or so 8 bar audio clips and, depending on the clip contents, I may want them to play sequentially or randomly. There’s a small pause between clips. Is there a way to get the transition between audio clips as seamless as loop mode? So it would sound like a smooth song playing, except it may go ABABAA or BBABAAB.

That’s a very cool idea, but unfortunately the audio and video sections within iScreensaver are not synchronized, so even if you could get the playback to be seamless in the audio (which probably isn’t possible) the audio and video would get out of sync eventually.

This is probably a case where you’d want to do some Flash (SWF) programming to make this work.