[Solved] settings panel

Is there any way to alter the Settings panel in the screensaver? So, when a user clicks settings it could, for example, open up a settings.swf that I created to alter the settings of my screensaver?

Thank you.

The settings panel in version 4 of iScreensaver can be customized, but only some of the text and the image. All the other features are fixed. Your suggestion is a good one, and one we’ve considered in the past, but may be a little difficult to implement given that not all screensavers use SWF/Flash at all.

You can use interactivity within your flash screensaver, so if you want a settings panel you can build it into the screensaver SWF itself. Just make sure to set Behavior/Interactive so that the user can use the mouse to click buttons within the SWF file while running.