[Solved] Screensaver Interaction - Disabling on-screen controls

Love the product and has worked for everything intended. One thing that I need to know if it’s possible in regards to the on-screen controls. Is it possible to disable the ability to have the option of toggling the on-screen controls under the screensaver interaction in the control panel?

The UI looks bad sorry aesthetically in regards to being standard that can work well with all customers. There should be a way to shut it off if you just want video content to play. Even better would be to have the option to change the look of the controls.

The on-screen controls (“HUD” or Heads-Up-Display) is a unique feature to iScreensaver. The author can set the default setting to On or Off for any particular screensaver.

However, the end-user always has the ability to change this setting to On or Off, and we don’t currently give the Author the ability to override this.

If you really can’t allow the user to change the setting, you may want to use some OS-level restrictions that prevents the user from accessing their Screen Savers Control Panel at all.

Thanks for the feedback and understand the reasoning.