[Solved] Screensaver has a hiccup

I’m using the free version of the program and have created a very basic screensaver out of an HD video. I’m using a mac. When I install the screen saver and use it, it plays for about 5 seconds then starts over with the watermark in a different spot. Any solutions to this?

Also is there a way to make the file sizes smaller? Mine is currently 114mb and it would be great if I could compress it somehow.


Hi Lane,

This sounds like it may be the old OS X Screensaver bug, where certain video formats are not supported.

The solution to this problem (and, to your other problem about the size) are to re-encode the video.

Try opening the video in QuickTime Player X (or the older QuickTime Player 7) and then Export the video to H264 format. Then use this new video to build a second screensaver.