[Solved] Screensaver freezes after 10 minutes of running.

Recently I downloaded an old Spongebob screensaver from 1999 for nostalgia purposes. I got it to work fine on the computer and even show up after the computer is idle. However, it seems that the screensaver freezes after awhile. Usually this can be fixed by hitting enter, but that’s not the case if it’s frozen for a long period of time (e.g. two hours), in which case I have to use Alt+F4 to close it. Does anyone know a way that I can fix it? Thank you.

Here is the download and instructions on how to get it working, for anyone who wants to reproduce:

That sounds like an interesting job.

Note that this old screensaver was not made using iScreensaver Designer.

One approach you could try would be to isolate and extract the SWF (flash) file from the old screensaver, then try building a new screensaver using iScreensaver Designer 5.

Designer 5 still has support for SWF (although that support is deprecated and will be removed in the future).

As always, be sure to respect other’s copyrights when building new screensavers.