[Solved] screen saver error on PC

Client received error that screen saver “has stopped working” with the problem event name appcrash. Please advise on fixing this issue.


More info - the client is running Windows 7

More info about the screensaver? Does it contain Images, Movies, or Flash SWF content?

png images that move. then screen saver loops.

screen saver works great on Mac

Normally, if a screensaver does crash, it’s not a big deal - it will simply start running again and work fine the next time their computer sleeps. If it’s crashing every time, then this suggests a deeper issue.

Images that move are handled in iScreensaver by the OpenGL rendering engine. So my first thought would be that they have an OpenGL driver problem?

Possible Solutions here: http://iscreensaver.com/help/notes/update_opengl_drivers/update_opengl_drivers.shtml

Could this be related to Aero Glass on Windows 7?

Usually if Aero Glass is not enabled, the screensaver will run, but animations will be slow and glitchy. Crashing is not normally what we see in our testing.

Does it crash every time or just occasionally?

Just occasionally

We’d be happy to help if we can, but you’ll have to give us more info, such as the details of their video card driver update. What version did they use?

how do we find the video card driver?

Detailed instructions are here: http://iscreensaver.com/help/notes/update_opengl_drivers/update_opengl_drivers.shtml#advancedWindows

Thanks for you help!