[Solved] scaling a quicktime movie on PC to letterbox looks terrible

Anyone know how to fix. my source Quicktime Movie looks great played full frame on the PC. but one I put it into the screensaver the logo and other artwork looks terrible (setting letterbox) looks fine if I play at full size but client wants it to fill screen as much as possible.

We believe this is caused by a bug in the QuickTime Plugin that shows up when Internet Explorer 7 or higher is installed on the PC in question. In those cases, videos can look pixelated.

A solution to the problem is to make sure the video is playing back un-stretched.

There are a few ways you can accomplish this:

The problem with these solutions is that they may not look great on computers that have different monitor aspect ratios and resolutions (e.g. some Monitors are 4:3, some are 16:9, and some are 16:10). In this case, the solution is to make a few variations of your screensaver: One that’s intended for 16x9 monitors, one for 16x10 monitors, etc. You may also want to crop or stretch and re-encode your source video to match the new aspect ratio.

Please be aware that we have reported this issue to Apple Computer Inc., but we have no info about if or when it might be fixed.

I’m creating this for a multitude of screensizes. I can’t believe you can’t make fill screen. Every screensaver I’ve seen plays full screen. The Quicktime looks great playing fullscreen regularly. Really not other solution other than make is small enough for the smallest screen and have larger screens just have to watch it in the middle?, I tried making this work on the PC using a FLV I dropped into flash for a SWF and it still looked really pixelated (unusable) when set to letterbox to get it to fill without stretching.
(am I the only one dealing with this?)

If you can make an FLV and use it inside the SWF player, that should not be subject to this pixellation issue. We see the pixellation issue only when playing a video via QuickTime, and only in certain stretch modes.

If you can contact us via email and give us a URL to download your screensavers, we’d be happy to take a look and see if there’s anything else going wrong.

If you are using FLV and SWF, please note that it’s very important that the SWF file does NOT try to adjust the stage or screen size. In other words, don’t use Stage.DisplayState = FULL_SCREEN. This will break it.

Let iScreensaver adjust the stage size, and have your SWF just honor the size. Please read this for more info: http://iscreensaver.com/forum/discussion/comment/522