[Solved] Problems installing screensaver on Window's machines

Hi guys, the IT department is having problems installing the screensaver I created on windows machines. Here is what they had to say: “The screensaver installs successfully, but do not stay the default screen saver once the pc is restarted. There is nothing from an IT side that prevents it from staying the permanent screensaver i.e. group policies. We want to see if we can make it default via GPO but currently I find the install path as appdata\Local\temp.”

Please could someone help out with this? I’m just a Designer, so this is all rather Greek to me.
Thank you!!

When you install a screensaver, there are two choices of where it can be installed:

  • Install For All Users
  • Install For Me

“Install For All Users” installs the screensaver in the Windows System folder, which makes the screensaver available for all users on the PC. This, however, requires administrator permissions.

“Install For Me” installs the screensaver in the Application Data folder of a single user, which does not require administrator permissions.

From your description, it sounds as if they have chosen the “Install For Me” option, which in a Group Policy / Active Directory installation situation, is the wrong place to install it.

IT administrators doing installations on multiple machines should follow the instructions here: http://iscreensaver.com/forum/discussion/30/

It is complex, you are correct. If your IT department folks haven’t seen section #3 about Active Directory installs, you might want to share those tips: http://iscreensaver.com/forum/discussion/30/ as they might be able to parse the Greek with you. If they have questions, we’re happy to see what we can do.