[Solved] Problem using .mov files?

I made a screensaver using a .mov file and it installs onto Mac and works, but doesn’t even install when trying to install onto Windows. Anti-V & PC requirements are ok. When just using .jpeg images it installs and works on a PC. The error I get when using the .mov version = “After scan, ending tag not found at position 153703867 instead found,” - any ideas on what the problem is?

Possible issues:

  • This sounds like your download or file transfer is corrupted. Try re-building the installer, using a NEW file name (to make sure that IE doesn’t cache the old, corrupted file). Make sure your upload/download is complete before you try to use it.

  • corrupted files on hard drive, hard drive full, etc.

  • Could you be going over the 2GB limit for the single-file-installer for Windows. If your asset files are that large, then you have to use the other build method.

ok thanks :slight_smile: