[Solved] OpenGL driver error on Mac

Our client gave us the following message:

I downloaded the screensaver and unzipped it. When I clicked
“Install,” I got a window reading, “OpenGL driver version 1.2 Apple-1.5.48
is installed. OpenGL driver version 1.3 is recommended. Update the GL

So I clicked the “Update” button, and it took me to a web page reading,
"Macintosh users have it easy. Simply update the system software, and all
OpenGL drivers are udpated automatically:

  1. From the Apple menu, choose ‘Software Update.’
  2. Apply all updates.
  3. Reboot the computer if needed."

So I pulled down System Software, and after searching my computer, it said,
“Your software is up to date. Software Update doesn¬πt have any new software
for your computer at this time.”

Please advise. Our screensaver is a simple png graphic moving on the screen (uses no flash or quicktime). We are also having clients who have Aero Glass errors on Win.

If the Mac is running OpenGL version 1.2, this means that is a very old mac with ancient video hardware, OR it’a a newer mac but is running very old software (such as Mac OS X 10.5)

In many cases the software will still work, but this is not supported officially.

If you want to ignore this warning, you can do so very easily: Before you build your screensaver, simply change the minimum OpenGL version to 1.2.

Or you can just ignore the warning when installing.

Either way, there is no guarantee that the screensaver will work, but as long as you keep your PNG image sizes fairly small, it may work ok.

Should we change the OpenGL version to 1.2 for Windows as well? Is this in the check plug in version in Build screen? Will this help with Aero Glass error message?

Does it need to do the QuickTime and Flash checks since we don’t video in our screen saver? We don’t want customers to keep receiving messages when they don’t even need the plug-ins for it to work.

If user is running version 1.2, will everything work the same?

Thanks for all of your help troubleshooting this.

iScreensaver does not officially support older systems running OpenGL 1.2.

You are welcome to ignore those specifications by changing the OpenGL plugin check value on the Build tab. In many cases it will work just fine, but, again, it’s not to specifications so it may not work.

iScreensaver automatically ignores plugin version checks if there is no corresponding content. So if your screensaver doesn’t have QuickTime content, the QuickTime version check will be ignored.

Re: Aero Glass - the OpenGL version check is independent of Aero Glass.

Overall, it sounds like you are trying to use the software on computers that are not up to the system requirements for hardware and software.

In some cases you can get away with this without problem, but please understand that we don’t officially support or recommend this.

Appreciate your help with troubleshooting this!

This Macbook Air user is on OS X 10.5.8 with a graphics driver GMA X3100. I looked this up on Apple’s website: https://developer.apple.com/graphicsimaging/opengl/capabilities/GLInfo_1058.html

and found the OpenGL to be listed as 1.2.

Questions: Why didn’t updating the computer, as listed in your instructions on your website, work in this case? Is the OpenGL a set version that depends upon what came with the computer? How do we direct clients so that they do not receive these errors?

The user is using very old software (10.5.8). The Macbook airs can all upgrade to 10.6 and many of them can even upgrade to 10.7. If the user upgraded to 10.6.8, then they’d have a more recent version of OpenGL (2.1, as per https://developer.apple.com/graphicsimaging/opengl/capabilities/GLInfo_1068.html )

If the user wants to keep up with latest technology, they should consider upgrading their computer’s OS.

There is a similar situation with Windows - although many people and companies still use XP, it’s been obsolete for years. Microsoft has ended mainstream support effective April 2009 and will end all XP support April 2014.

We don’t recommend this, but if you are interested in spending time and energy supporting very old computers, we do offer our legacy product (iScreensaver 3.5) which works with those old ones. We don’t offer any support for this, however.

Our recommendation is to just make sure your end users meet the system requirements as described here: http://iscreensaver.com/requirements.shtml