[Solved] One image over 3 monitors

Hi - I can figure out how to run 3 separate images on 3 monitors - but can I run it so i have 1 large image running over the 3 monitors? i have a macpro 2013 … I would like to run so it runs over the 3 like this?

Is this possible ? Thanks

or where can I find something like this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yo--MRr553k

iScreensaver 5 allows multiple monitor support, but each monitor displays its own content. So, what you want to do is not possible only with software.

However, using the appropriate hardware, you can accomplish this. You would need to use some sort of “triple head” system so that the PC thinks there is only a single monitor connected.

Take a look at devices like this:


Ok wow - can’t believe the computer can’t do it itself - o well - thats sadly not an option for me as the monitors have individual profiles - shame - it looked damn cool :-)) Thankyou for your time on this… with kind regards from the UK.