[Solved] Older Quicktime version on windows

How can i make a screensaver that works on Quicktime version 7.7.1 for Windows pc’s?
My movie is made in after effects and i can export it as different filetypes…
Please help!

Quicktime 7.7.1 for windows is not an old version, it the latest version. We usually recommend you try either H.264 or Motion JPEG compressors for best results.

I made my movie H.264 (.mp4) but my customer keeps getting the message “QuickTime plugin not installed, unable to display Test.mp4. Please install the QuickTime Plugin”

And they have QuickTime version 7.7.1 installed. Has it something to do that i use QuickTime X on a mac?

It sounds like they actually do not have the QuickTime plugin properly installed. Or, if they do, something is blocking access. Some malfunctioning antivirus programs can cause this.

If you are 100% positive that QuickTime is properly installed, then I’d check for improperly configured antivirus software, as shown here: