[Solved] Mac OS X 10.7 and Safari 5.06 and 5.10 updates

*** Update: these issues are no longer relevant as of iScreensaver 4.4 – Please update if you haven’t already ***

Today Apple released Mac OS X 10.7 “Lion” as well as Safari updates : Safari 5.0.6 for Mac OS X 10.5, and Safari 5.1 for Mac OS X 10.6.

These updates cause some issues with screensavers built with iScreensaver Designer 4.

10.7 Issues:

  • Issue: Screensaver may be hard to exit when using the Heads Up Display (“HUD”) in addition to the security setting "Require Password after sleep or screen saver begins. Solution: disable the screensaver’s HUD option and/or disable “Require Password”. If you encounter difficulty quitting the screensaver, try hitting the ESC key or Apple-Q.

Safari 5.06 and 5.1 Issues under Mac OS X 10.5 and 10.6:

  • Flash (SWF) items may not render at all.
  • Movie items may show up in a strange location onscreen.
    Solution: we have identified the cause of both these issues and will have a fix available next week. In the mean time, if you can’t revert back to an older version of Safari, we suggest you use a different screensaver for a few days.

Version 4.3.8, to be released next week, will fix these issues, and we are happy to report that it works well under Mac OS X 10.7.

If you encounter any issues that are not on this list, please post your question to the forums.

Thank you,
iScreensaver Support

Update : 4.3.8 has been released.

Update : 4.4 has been released which solves these issues, and others.