[Solved] Long Delay When Starting Screensaver

Why is There a Long delay when starting a screensaver Created With iscreensaver 4 Personal App Store Version The Screensaver Works fine after it starts Just Wondering Why there is Such a Delay When Starting the Screensaver I am Using JPEG files for my screensaver and not video

I started up the screensaver and it took about 13 sec before the first image came up

iScreensaver has many more features that other screensaver programs. As a consequence it’s a larger program and takes longer to start up. On our test systems we see the following timing:

Screen dims (1.0 seconds)
Delay (2.0 seconds)
First image shows up.

So you should be seeing your first image within 3 seconds of the screensaver starting (or really, 2 seconds after the screen dim finishes).

How long does it take on your mac?

Sounds like something is wrong with your mac possibly.

If you switch to another screensaver, for example one of the built-in Apple screensavers, how long does it take then?

Perhaps check on the JPEG Compression and Sizing to see if either can be reduced without affecting visual quality. Modern cameras’ massive megapixels contain much more data than any monitor’s actual size.