[Solved] Locking

We’d like for our screensaver to only contain locked content. When we build we receive the following errors:

Pre-build Warnings & Errors:

Locking Customization: Please enter the URL (Locking/Customize/Web/URL)

Locking is enabled, but there is no Unlocked Video or Audio content.

Please let us know any advice you may have. We own the Ultimate version.

When the screensaver is locked, it will only show the default content. Then when user unlocks it, the special content will be shown. So you need to include some content for this case.

For example, you can include a 1-item sequence that just includes a text overlay instructing the user that they must unlock the screensaver.

Hold down the Option key (Mac) or Alt key (windows) and click the “+” button in the sequence editor to create a new blank item.

Thanks! I this now, but still received this error when building:

Pre-build Warnings & Errors: 

Locking Customization: Please enter the URL (Locking/Customize/Web/URL)

How can we fix this?

Also, when I tested installing it, and unlocked using keycode, it only showed the one unlocked slide. We’d like for only the locked portion to show once someone has entered keycode. Please let us know. Thanks for your help!

The URL is entered on the Locking/Customize screen. Just enter your company’s URL for the web page that tells customers how to get an unlocking code.

It sounds like you may have the locked & unlocked content reversed? The sequence with the Closed padlock icon are what’s shown when the screensaver is locked. When the user unlocks it, then the sequence with the Unlocked padlock icon will be shown.

Thanks this worked!! :slight_smile: