[Solved] lines on PNG files

I’d appreciate any advice on methods to fix or improve the pixelated line that appears around the edge of PNG files. This line is especially obvious on lighter and medium background colors. I’ve tried increasing resolution, but this does not impact. Looking forward to your ideas! Thanks:)

If you are using a PNG format with alpha channel, then you need to build a feathered edge transition into the PNG itself for best results.

If you are using a RGB image (of any kind) that does not have an alpha channel, then iScreensaver will automatically build a faded box on the edge of the image.

You can test these features by adjusting the Info/Media/Color/Transparency settings for the picture(s) in question. Setting it to “Mask” will use the alpha channel that was present in the PNG file (if any) and setting it to “None” will disable that feature.

Also, be careful with image compression: if you take a 32-bit image (RGB+Alpha) and compress it with JPEG, you will destroy the alpha channel. This (and other issues) will be noted in the Warnings log when you Build the screensaver. Always a good idea to read the warnings carefully.

Edge pixellation can also be caused as an OpenGL artifact, and adjusting the resolution of the source image is the right thing to do, but instead of going Higher you want to actually go Lower (the pixellation is caused when the mismatch between the source image and the final on-screen image is too large).

This worked! Thanks:)