[Solved] License Decision

I need to determine what license to buy. My personal company, Sierra Odyssey, can design a wildflower screensaver to be sold in the gift shop of a non-profit Maturango Museum. I may design screensavers for other non-profits to be sold in their giftshops, also: the Historical Society, the weapons exhibit facility of a military base, and a for-profit film museum, etc.

  • The Maturango Museum could buy a educational license, and I could work on their software, but could they sell the resulting screensaver in their gift shop?

  • Could that educational Designer software also be used to create screensavers for the Historical Society to sell in their gift shop? Would there be watermarks or something from the Maturango Museum showing?

  • Or should I buy a Pro license for Sierra Odyssey?

Good question.

As a consultant working for a client, in this situation you basically have 3 choices:

  • Client purchases an Educational license in their name. You use the software on their behalf.
    Result: Screensavers are tagged with the client’s name. Client is allowed to sell the screensaver for profit, if they are a valid non-profit organization.

  • Consultant purchases a Pro license in Consultant’s name. You use your license to produce a screensaver for client. Screensavers are tagged with your company’s name – if the client is OK with this, that’s a reasonable way to go.

  • Consultant purchases an Unlimited license. With the unlimited license, the consultant can change the “Authored by” name for every project they make.

So it really depends – if you plan to build screensavers for more than 2 or 3 clients, you’d want to get the Unlimited license. If it’s only 1 or 2, then the other options may be more cost effective.

OK. Approaching the decision point!

Last purchase question:

We have one Windows machine and one Mac. Will a single Pro license allow us to download both versions of the development program and give us keys to run both at the non-profit for the benefit of the gift shop there? Just inquiring here about “running on two machines;” can one be Windows and one Mac?

Yes, that’s allowed. We specify “one or two computers” the author to use it on both a desktop and laptop computer, or on a mac and a windows computer.

If there are two or more people who regularly use the software on different machines, then we would prefer that you purchase a license for each user, but this rule is not enforced strictly. Just be reasonable, please.

This information is very helpful. I am also in a similar situation, however, I work for a non-profit and we would like to clarify what the Pro license comes with in terms of your copyright.

Where and when would the Software copyright link show? Would this be a visible “created with iscreensaver” on the screensaver–or just on the software?

Thanks so much.

On the screen saver control panel, where it says “Software Copyright ¬© 2011” in a light blue font color, if the user clicks this link they are redirected to a page on our website that provides the legal copyright information for the software. Based on our web stats, we can say surely that very few users do this. That’s all.