[Solved] iScreensaver Personal 4 (Mac App Store Version) - Damaged

*** Update ***
Version 4.3.6 has been approved on the Mac App Store and should fix this issue. Please upgrade.

— Older info ----

If you are trying to use version 4.3.5 of iScreensaver Personal, and getting a message “iScreensaver Personal 4. app” is damaged.

We have identified two possible ways this can happen:

  1. You are running from a case-sensitve filesystem. In that case, you can either wait for the 4.3.6 update (coming soon), or as a temporary work-around, run the app from a non-case-sensitive filesystem (such as a DMG created with Disk Utilities).

  2. Your system is not reporting that it has a main Ethernet MAC address. You can either wait for the 4.3.6 update, or : Open System Preferences, choose “Network” and make sure you have an active Ethernet interface. If you don’t have one, use the [+] button to add one. You may need to plug in an active ethernet cable to make it active. Then launch the app again, and it should validate properly.

Both of these items will be fixed in 4.3.6 which we are submitting to Apple for review.