[Solved] iScreensaver is blocked by my Mac

Hi, thought I’d join so I can learn how to make video screensaver. My first time trying. I was not able to open iscreensaver for Mountain Lion which is the system we have on my Mom’s computer. It didn’t trust the app because it was downloaded from the site. Is there a way to fix this problem? I really want to try out making a screensaver as soon as I can.

Any help is appreciated,

For Mountain Lion (10.8) you’d have to use our older software - please try iScreensaver Designer 4.5.

Also, if you are getting the GateKeeper warning about unsigned software, but you do trust the source of the screensaver, you can simply Right-click on the screensaver installer icon and choose “Open”.

See instructions here:

Thank you so much! I shall try that!