[Solved] Installing screensaver on widows returning errors

I am having trouble with our clients PCs. The installation is riddled with errors and ultimately returns a black screen - no screen saver playing -

Executable File Message: May contain viruses… (clicks, OK)
Publisher could not be ID’d message: Are you sure you want to run this software? (clicks, RUN)
Installer loads
Option for preview, cancel or install (clicks, INSTALL)
Installation successful!
Loads black
Returns same LaineGabriel has encountered an error message from R45

I have a link to the screensaver, and would be happy to supply you with it on request.

Thank you in advance.


Hi James,

First, some questions:

  • which version of iScreensaver was used to build the screensaver? (it should be a 4 digit number such as
  • Your client’s computer: what make/model is it? What video card? What OS? Does it meet all the system requirements listed here? http://iscreensaver.com/requirements.shtml
  • What is the content of your screensaver? (Images? Flash/SWF? Video?)

Next, if you’d like to provide a link to the screensaver, you can either post it here if it’s public, or email to us if it’s a private one.

I’d be happy to run it through some tests.


Our clients are all over the place as far as versions. This is an enterprise level company with many agents - I know we are working with Windows XP - but various versions and hardware configurations.

We tested it here, with a lot of different PCs to make sure we covered all the bases. Knowing that we did the same thing last year, and it worked just fine.

Content of the screensaver is an SWF file.

I’d like to keep the link private. Can you tell me where to email it?


Thanks for the info: My guess is your client’s computer is mis-configured (doesn’t meet system requirements, has an out-dated version of Flash player installed, IE is disabled, or anti-virus software is malfunctioning. If this is on a corporate computer under control of an IT department, they would need to get IT involved to make sure their computers are set up to allow the screensaver to function, if they are blocking it).

Happy to test: please Email a link to the “support” email address.

We received the URL in email, thank you.

A few comments:

  • You are providing a ZIP file which requires the user to go through several extra steps before installation. This appears to be a ZIP file that was made on a Mac, which contains both mac and windows version - this is confusing for Windows users. We recommend you build the screensaver using the “Single File EXE” option and just put the EXE file online for Windows users. Make one URL for Windows users that goes to the EXE file, and for Mac users, make a separate URL that links to the Mac version (which should be an .app.zip file). It’s much simpler that way.

Test results:

  • the Mac version: previews fine on 10.8.3
  • the Windows version:
  • XP SP3 with IE 8 and Flash 11.6.602.168 : screensaver previews with Blank screen
  • Win7 SP1 with IE9 and Flash 11.3.300 (out of date version) : screensaver previews with Blank screen
  • Win7 SP1 with IE9 and Flash 11.6.602 (out of date version) : screensaver previews with Blank screen

So in initial testing, it’s not working at all for us on Windows PCs - have you tested on your own PCs and seen it work?

emailed link to support@ email address.

Thanks. Is there a way I can send you a large file?

I have two other versions of the screensaver installer that are not linked to the site.

Or send you the SWF? It itself works perfectly, so I am wondering if I did something on the install.

More testing: I extracted your SWF file, and re-created a new screensaver on a PC.

When I set the SWF file to “Letterbox” stretch mode (Select item, go to Info panel, Media, Display, Letterbox) it works. When I set it to “Fill” screen mode, it doesn’t work.

Also, looking at your SWF File: it’s not prepared properly for iScreensaver. The file is a single-frame SWF file and immediately starts playing (rather than waiting for the iScreensaver “Play” command).

What’s probably happening internally: As the screensaver starts, it resizes the window to meet the full screen size you’ve requested. Unfortunately, since your SWF file begins playing immediately, it starts playing before the screen size has stabilized, and thus may be playing using the wrong screen size coordinates. The end result is blank content.

My recommendation: Modify your SWF file to meet the specifications as described here http://iscreensaver.com/help/flash.shtml

In particular, I’d recommend you add about 1/2 second of blank frames before the animation starts up.

If you can modify the SWF file as described, I’d be happy to test the modified version.

Also, read this thread which has some cautions about using SWF files in iScreensaver: in particular, don’t use fscommands() to change the screen size http://iscreensaver.com/forum/discussion/84/screensaver-animation-does-not-play-on-mac

And this thread talks about how to do dynamic stage resizing (Not recommended, but if you have to do it, here’s how: http://iscreensaver.com/forum/discussion/99/swf-flash-size-wrong-when-used-in-iscreensaver )

Thank you.

I will have our flash designer make these changes as you have suggested. Will send along the modified version for your testing.

Thanks again. Be back soon.

New file made according to the specifications.

Would you mind testing for us again.

Thanks in advance.


Several problems with that version:

  • the content is offset (the right-most 15% or so of the screen is blank)
  • the Flash timeline is misbehaving : the SWF file runs, then stops on the last frame of animation, which is the “I’m done” signal. Please review the rules for timeline operation as described here: http://iscreensaver.com/help/flash.shtml In short, a SWF file must not stop on the last frame of animation.

Also, just trying that file in a web browser (Safari) I see the following problems:

  • the initial dark blue background does not fill the whole window
  • the content plays back wider than the window - so the edges are cut off quite severely.

If you’d like, we would be willing to look at the original FLA file (if your flash author would permit it). Please contact us via email to do that.

I’ll get the file. Thank you

Here’s what our developer said he did in compliance with your requirements:

Let’s give this a try:

I did several things… Rather odd things they were requiring… but in a sense I am getting that the application measures the size of the stage before iScreensaver is totally ready.

To bust through this, I am doing several new things:

  • added a couple of blank frames and a rectangle as they ask.
  • added a stop at the end and trigger an init() function that handles resizing of the content.
  • added an additional 500 millisecond timer to check resizing again.
  • added a call to resize every 2000 milliseconds.

If this doesn’t fix it I would be surprised!

I’m not sure if these comments are for the last version I just tested, or for a new version that’s under preparation? I’ll add some feedback just in case:

“but in a sense I am getting that the application measures the size of the stage before iScreensaver is totally ready.”

yes, this is exactly the issue : the SWF file needs to be patient and not query the size of the window until the window is ready.

“- added a couple of blank frames” and a rectangle as they ask."

we recommend 0.5 seconds of blank frames (e.g. 15 blank frames if using 30fps)

“- added…a rectangle”

in the version we downloaded, the rectangle wasn’t covering the entire stage - it’s probably not set to stretch properly - that should be easy to fix within the FLA file.

  • added a stop at the end and trigger an init() function that handles resizing of the content.

this is wrong: the SWF file must NOT stop on the last frame of the animation. It can stop on any other frame, just not the last one. (The fix here should be simple: add a blank frame to the end of the timeline and make sure this frame is never reached).

  • added an additional 500 millisecond timer to check resizing again.

this is probably OK

  • added a call to resize every 2000 milliseconds.

this is probably overkill - if the script that checks the Resize is smart enough to not do anything if the screen size hasn’t changed, then it’s probably OK.

Additional comments/ideas:

  • The HTML file you are testing the SWF file with has “loop=true” and “play=true” set. When running in iScreensaver they are both false. If you want to test the SWF in a web browser, it’d be better to edit your HTML to set these both to False. Right-click the SWF file and choose “Play” to get it started after opening the file in a browser. (Note: on Mac, test with Safari, and on Windows, test with IE - even if you have other browsers installed, iScreensaver uses these two rendering engines)

  • It sounds like your Flash author isn’t running iScreensaver? They could download a copy and test with it (the free download is fully functional for testing purposes, just not for building final screensavers for distribution).

  • In our experience, the SWF issues are more touchy on Windows - test your SWF on Windows, and if it works there it’ll usually work fine on Mac.