[Solved] Installation instructions

Are instructions on how to install screensaver single EXE file on a windows computer available? We are not familiar with PC computers or the process. Thanks!

Are you looking for instructions from the author’s point of view? Or something more from the end-user’s point of view?

The installation is really simple overall:

  • double-click the EXE
  • click “Install”

The only complexity comes if you need to update your drivers (OpenGL) or plugins (QuickTime, Flash), but those are both started by the installer, too, when needed.

From the end-user’s point of view.

Once exe is double-clicked, does the user need to double click another file like on Mac to get to the install button? Once install is clicked, does the installer panel automatically appear with keycode request? Then, once installation is completed, does the screensaver panel appear with options (like the system preferences panel on a Mac)? What is this screensaver panel called on a PC and how does the user find it in the future.

Thanks so much for your help!! We appreciate it:)

Hello TEIB,

I’m assuming that you read the chapter in the user manual called “Installing Screensavers” already? If not, here it is: http://iscreensaver.com/help/help15.shtml

Let us know if there are questions/details in that document that you’d like addressed?

Thanks! Appreciate it:)