[Solved] How to get "Content created" metadata from Photos.app

I thought that I was getting Contact created in my earlier playings but now am getting Created or Modified. Not very useful :slight_smile:
Using the date variable in all my builds. Not sure if I had an accidental setting that I can’t repeat in current build.
Sticking to sourcing all image from Photos.app for now as thanks to earlier help I’m getting better at tweaking within iscreensaver.
When loading from Photos.app I assume sorting by Created also uses the Created date? An option for Content created would be nice. Of course it could be that Photos.app is serving up the wrong date and it’ll get fixed there someday, maybe.

Doing a bit more ‘playing’ I find that I really, really would like “Content created” to be used for date. I have many images going back to the 1990’s before geotagged images, etc. The true date is the only hint to remember where the pic might’ve been taken.
Anyways, been doing more playing around and find that the Photos.App Info dialog shows the date the pic was taken.
When iscreensaver picks up “Created” or “Modified”, either of which is pretty well useless to determine when the image was actually taken.
Have tried a build from photos.app and also after exporting same images. Same results, iscreensaver is loading date variable with “Created” or "Modified.
If someone can confirm that a non-Monterey environment works as I think it should I’ll go back to an earlier OS version in a heartbeat to build my screen savers.
The attached with the image showing was exported from photos.app.

This is a good question, and we agree that using the more appropriate date would be helpful. It’s not likely to have anything to do with Monterey, but we need more information.

How did you get che “Content Created” date set in the first place? Was this something you did by hand? Or was it metadata automatically set by one of your cameras?

Never set anything by hand :slight_smile:
Various cameras used over the years. Used iPhoto in early days and migrated to Photos.app.
Have built a HighSierra environment with same outcome.
I have many images going back to 1993 that have no camera information yet they have a create date in Photos.app “Info” that is probably the date they were imported into iPhoto/Photos. Pretty well confirmed by fixed events, I.e. family weddings, etc.
My project for today is to go back to old SD cards to prove my theory. I never overwrite so have most of my original images :slight_smile:

It looks like we’ll be able to do a better job pulling the actual media creation date (rather than the file creation date) - we should have a new beta ready in a few days, if you can wait till then.

Excellent. Thank You. No problem waiting :slight_smile:

Please see version 6.8 which makes many improvements to this system.