[Solved] Getting 'Runtime Error' message on PC when trying to run screensaver

Hi All,

I’m hoping someone might be bale to help me out here, I have created a simple screensaver using iScreensaver 4 on the Mac and have delivered the ‘PC.exe’ version to the client.
When they install this file they get the following error message;

Runtime Error
Press OK to Continue
Press Cancel to Quit

Failure Condition: pluginEntryTable.GetEntry(entrypointName,out)
can’t find plugin method BevelButton.DeleteAllRows

I have no idea what this means, anyone care to solve my dilema?

Thanks in advance

The application is missing its LIBS folder.

The best solution is to use the Single-File Executable – it will make a single EXE file that will automatically unpack and install.

Second best: use the ZIP format and send them the ZIP file. Then, be sure the person on the other end fully unzips the .ZIP archive first. (Using “Extract All”) from within Windows. In many cases, the person just tries to run the EXE file from WITHIN the ZIP file, and this fails, and that’s the error message you’ll see.

It’s also possible you didn’t use either the single-file EXE or the ZIP format, and you just sent the EXE without the LIBS folder?

I have resent the file now and am awaiting feedback, I sent it over as an .exe, zipped into a folder - so to be clear I have ‘example.zip’ and after unzipping this file you are left with ‘example.exe’

Not sure what a LIBS folder is, never even seen it, but I am assuming that when I click ‘build’ this folder is included in the .exe file and so I don’t need to worry about it as long as I follow your instructions above? (or should I be looking for this folder somewhere and including it with my .exe file?)

It’s not clear from what you’ve said if you are building the single-file EXE.

To check:

  • First, make sure you are using the latest version of iScreensaver
  • Next, make sure that “Make Single File EXE” is selected (on the Build/Win tab in the Installer section). Leave “Zip” un-selected, and don’t zip the file yourself (there’s really no need as the EXE is already zipped internally).

Thanks for your help, I had selected ‘Make single file EXE’ and I’ve zipped it myself as I need to email this over to the client.

However, I have a slightly different problem with my client; They have asked for the .scr, file which i gave to them by installing the .exe and then extracting the .scr file from the windows folder and then sending this to them. This is probably the reason why the above file would not work as I am assuming the plugin files should have been installed with the installer and now have not been as the client only got the .scr.

So my new question would be:

“Is there any way I can get the .scr file to run without using the installer” ie. using whatever windows native plugins are already on the machine? I’m assuming the plugins are for the effects that the screensaver uses, perhaps if I used just one effect such as slide instead of random this may work?

Here is the overall picture; my client wants to place this .scr on over 300 computers, so I’d assume that they’d want to place the file on each computer remotely without having to run the installer on each machine, that is why they originally asked for just the .scr file.

Hope you can get me out of this mess?!

I see – yes, if you copy the SCR file without the library folder, you’ll also get that error.

Your client probably has some sort of Active Directory or GPO setup, and can simply follow these instructions: http://iscreensaver.com/forum/comments.php?DiscussionID=30

Great support! Hopefully this is the answer!

I’m getting exactly the same error just trying to run a single EXE install. It doesn’t appear to be trying to create the LIB folder. Any suggestions?

I’m running iScreenSaver from Mac OS X 10.6.8. I’m trying to run the EXE on a Windows XP Embedded SP2 box. I have admin rights, it’s not receiving global policy, its not running any antivirus software and it has plenty of drive space. I think the issue is with the video card, SiS Mirage with 16 MB of RAM. It’s the weakest XP box we have but we’ve got hundreds of them.

My bad, cancel the last post. This XP box doesn’t meet the minimum requirements for running the ScreeSaver.

FriemelR - We require XP SP3, but have generally found no issues using XP SP2 – if you wish to debug this more…

The single file EXE behaves as follows:

  1. First, it unzips itself into the %tmp% folder into a folder named:
    iScreensaver Temp FFFFFFFF
    The “FFFFFFFF” will be a unique code for your particular screensaver, and can be viewed on the Editor/Locking/Keys page, under “Screensaver ID”.

  2. Inside this folder, it should create one folder, with the name set to the same name as you have on the Build/Win/Installer/FileName field, which typically is something like
    “Install MyScreensaver”

  3. Inside this folder, you should find two items:
    An exe, “Install MyScreensaver.exe”
    A folder, “Install MyScreensaver Libs”, which contains all the library & data files.

To do further debugging, please do two things:

  1. Run DbgView (a tiny microsoft tool to show log information). Download it here:
    This will show any error messages in the installer.

  2. After the installation, please hit the Start Menu, choose “Run…” and type “%tmp%” (without the quotes) and hit Enter. This will open the TMP folder. Look inside to see if the files are in the right location(s).