[Solved] Get .saver file without installer

How can I get the pure screensaver file for mac (.saver or .qtz) without the installer? When I install and take the .saver package, it still includes the same installer application.

Hi Anna,
What version of iScreensaver are you using?

Another customer had a simile question which you can follow the answer here: https://iscreensaver.com/forum/discussion/494/getting-error-you-cannot-use-xx-screensaver-with-this-version-of-os-x

I’m using the latest version 5 of the software.

I did see that previous question and was able to get the .saver file using that method. However, the application file is still contained in the screensaver bundle, so if someone downloads the .saver bundle and double clicks on it, they still get the same security warning because of that application file.

When I look into the .saver bundle of other installed screensavers on my machine, they don’t contain an application file.

Basically, I need a file that can be placed in the Screen Saver folder and will run from there, but that is not executable for automatic installation. For Windows, I was able to isolate the .scr file and lib folder, but can’t seem to find a similar solution for Mac.

Thanks for your help.

Sorry, that’s version 5.1.1

First, your end users should not be downloading the raw .saver file - iScreensaver has a built-in installer and should be delivered as a zipped app file (.app.zip) which is how it is built. The only reason to deliver the .saver file is if you are an IT department running managed computers, in which case the user would never double-click the file since you would have already installed it properly.

If the problem is the security warning, then one must follow the code-signing instructions here: