[Solved] Flex movie stopping


I am trying to use a swf created with Flex and it plays for a second or two, then stops. I added a timer and tried other things, but it always stops. If I set it to “loop” in the Global section, then it stops, goes to black, reloads everything, stops, reloads, and so on.
Any idea what I can do to fix it?

Most likely, the timeline is not behaving properly. In a SWF file, if the timeline stops on the last frame, this is the signal for iScreensaver to see that the SWF is “done” and moves on to the next asset.

Rather than setting loop on the global settings, try playing with the media playback settings: try values of “Once”, “Forever” and you can also try a custom setting (use a large number such as 99999 for the # of loops).

Let us know if any of those help?

Thanks! That seemed to help :slight_smile:
I am getting an error in Windows now, but I’ll try to figure it out.