[Solved] "Flash Plugin not installed" in small preview on Windows 10

My Flash-based screensavers created with iScreensaver Designer 5 work just fine on Windows 10, but in the Screen Saver Settings panel there’s always an error message stating “Flash Plugin not installed, unable to display X.swf. Please install the Flash Player Plugin”. See: http://i.imgur.com/7LQFRpq.png

Can anything be done about this?

This sounds like it could be malfunctioning anti-virus protection to me. Are you running any anti-virus software?

Only the default Windows Defender software that comes with Windows 10.

Disabling that doesn’t make a difference, though.

Is it
32 or 64 bit Windows 10? What version of iScreensaver are you using?

Windows 10 64-bit, and the screensavers are created with iScreensaver Designer on macOS Sierra.

Thank you for reporting this issue. This problem has been fixed in release available here: http://iscreensaver.com/download