[Solved] Digimarc-ing?

Wondering if it is ok / useful / recommendable to Digimarc original, finished, compressed images before they are built into a screensaver?
Could you write a bit about image property protection, digital copyrights, especially in relation to screensavers that may find themselves distributed beyond original expectations?

Images that you include within iScreensaver are stored in a proprietary format that are moderately difficult to extract. However, the history of DRM (digital rights management) has shown that every single method of protection (encryption, watermarking, etc.) has already been hacked or will soon be hacked.

Our recommendation, therefore, is that you have to weigh the pros & cons of sending your valuable information out to the public.

Most folks handle this by using reduced resolution images. You can resize the images yourself before importing into iScreensaver, or use the image compression/resizing features within iScreensaver to do this automatically.

Well, now that we’ve cleaned up our Winter Holidays’ mess, it is with a reeeaaallly red face that I finally return to thank you for the good advice on my DRM question. I followed it the best that could be done, and tried to manage the issue with a hope of minimizing the risk. iScreensaver4 is a great tool and I’m looking forward to further work with it! Thanks again (and sorry for the extended delay in reply)! Best wishes!