[Solved] copying key code list using Mac

Hello, can you help with the above? Tks

Hi Nathalie - can you say more about what you want to do?

Our documentation on using locking codes can be found here:

Tks I have read all this v. carefully already but can’t find a solution.
So; in Locking panel, in Keys panel, i am trying to import a list of keys from another document (an excel file created on another computer, which i am opening on my computer, a mac).
I can only copy and paste one by one! help!

OK, I’m seeing what you are seeing: If you copy & Paste from Excel 2016 to iScreensaver Designer, only the first row pastes in. Not clear if this is a bug in our software or in Excel.

There is a workaround:

  • In Excel, copy the list.
  • Open a new Microsoft Word document.
  • Paste the list into Word.
  • From Word, Copy the list.
  • Paste into iScreensaver

In our tests, this works and we get the entire list transferred over. Can you test it and see if it works?

Blast! doesn’t work.

On the other computer, not a mac, an can transfer the whole list without a problem, but my screensavers are not built there.

Is there a way to copy my screensavers to the other computer?

Thank you v. much will try that now and let you know

It should work if you follow the steps we provided - make sure you copy the entire list again from within Word after you’ve pasted it.

If you Copy, Paste, Paste it won’t work.

You have to Copy (from Excel), Paste (into Word), Copy (from Word) then Paste (into iScreensaver).

I am doing exactly that. It only pastes the first line.

What versions of iScreensaver and Word/Excel are you using?

and latest excel/word (computer only a few months old)
Frustratingly, there is no issue with copying and pasting a key list when using the not Mac computer.

Problems only arise because I have to email the word file to the Mac where the screensavers have been built.

Mac is an older computer and as excel and word are not native i don’t know what version

mac is os x yosemite 10.10.5 .
but what do you mean edit the project file in Windows; do the key lists on Windows, then the rest of the project in mac? If so, how do i copy the project file from one computer to the other?

Ok, if you have old versions of software it may not work. Why don’t you just edit the project file on the Windows machine, then copy it to the Mac before you build?

iScreensaver Project files are stored in a .ISC format, and you can copy them between Mac and Windows PCs easily (copying files is something you can google for tips about how to do - the easiest way is to just use a USB Thumb or Flash Drive).

To find the ISC file, from the iScreensaver Project List window, select the project you are working on, and from the File Menu choose “Reveal” (or hit Command-R). This will show you the file in the Finder.

Thank you for reporting this issue. This problem has been fixed in release available here: http://iscreensaver.com/download