[Solved] Command Line tools.

I just got iScreensaver and while playing with it thought it would make a great tool to automate the download of current GOES weather videos and convert to a screen saver.
While I can easily automate the fetching of the data, converting it to a sceensaver bundle is a whole different story. I checked the package contents but it looks like you convert the video before packaging it so just replacing the old video with the new one in the bundle is out.

GOES mp4: http://www.nnvl.noaa.gov/satimg/GOES-East.mp4

If it’s possible please consider adding command line tools to iScreensaver. Even if it’s only a simple mp4 video → screensaver conversion it would make my idea possible. Then whenever the screen saver comes on we have a the past 3 days weather ending with current conditions :slight_smile:

Thanks for any consideration.
Great tool btw.

Never mind. I found where you have the video files. Thanks again for a great little tool. I’m scripting the rest now. Should be a nice little screen saver.

Great creative use of the product! Glad you figured it out.

An alternative strategy might be to write a small flash (SWF) program which streams the latest data live from a server.