[Solved] Certain keys do not exit screensaver

I received this question from my IS team today:
(PC, mostly running Windows 8)

During our testing for the screensaver we have notice the following 14 keys do not wake up the screensaver.

Print Screen
Scroll Lock

5 on the keypad

Caps Lock
Both Shifts
Both Ctrl
Both Alt

Thank you for your knowledge.

Any thoughts?

Keyboard behavior is operating-system dependent and can also depend on the brand of keyboard, as well as the computer’s security settings, and even how the screensaver is invoked.

Screensavers made with iScreensaver tend to be more forgiving, so that a press of some of the keys indicated above will not exit the saver, but pressing any other key will.

In addition, version 5 has several features that allow the user to customize the wake-up behavior:

  • Use Cursors and on-screen controls: if enabled, allows the user to use certain keys (arrow keys, spacebar and Enter/Return) as well as the mouse or trackpad to control the screensaver - useful for navigating through a photo album, for example.

  • Mouse & Trackpad Scrub Sensitivity - allows the user to control how much mouse movement is needed to exit the screensaver. You can tune this so a small nudge on the mouse won’t exit the screensaver, but a large movement will.

Thank you!