[Solved] Center movie with actual size

I was able to successfully make and play a screensaver, but it seems the only option is for the movie to be blown up to full screen size. What I want is for the movie to be played actual size and centered, with black around it. Is that possible? Or perhaps an option to play it at 50% screen size would work. My screen is just too large for the movie to look good in full screen mode. I’d have to be across the room to enjoy it at that size, not sitting at my desk.

If you have included a way to change the playback size, please let me know how to access it. I’m sure it would help if I had an instruction manual. :slight_smile:

If this feature is not yet possible, then please consider adding it. I had your older version of the full program, and always played the screensavers at actual size, rather than full screen. I’m hoping this personal version will soon be able to do the same thing, if it can’t yet.

Yes, of course, select the item, then Info palette: Media: Display: and change the pop-up to Actual Size. You have other options as to filling the screen proportionally as well. Same for all media elements.

Try http://iscreensaver.com/help/help07.shtml
Search down for “Adjusting Media Size and Location” for “Using the Stretch mode”.

In fact, the “Editing a Screensaver” chapter ‘help07’ is fully accurate for the Personal license.

Thank you so much! I was able to follow your instructions, and now the screensaver is just the way I want it. :slight_smile:

Just a quick question about the license: If I have to fresh install my OS when I upgrade to Mountain Lion, will I still be able to use the screensaver I just created, or will I have to recreate it if I have a totally new OS? Is the license tied to one computer/OS or is it for my personal use on both of my computers and/or all subsequent new OS or new computers I own?

Re: Mountain Lion : we can’t make any promises regarding Apple’s unreleased software. In theory, upgrading to Mountain Lion will not cause any issues with iScreensaver, but we really can’t say for sure until Apple has released the final version to developers for testing. We will make announcements when that time arrives.

Yes, I understand that. Let me rephrase the question: If I have to fresh install my OS, thereby appearing to the program to be a “new computer,” will I have to remake the screensavers? Is the license tied to a particular OS/computer or is it tied to my iTunes ID, or is it tied to my person (as in I can use the program, but no one else can)?

Or, I suppose another way of asking the question would be to phrase it this way: Can I use the screensaver I just made on my iMac and my Powerbook, or would I have to buy a second app for my Powerbook – or could I download the app I just bought on my iTunes ID on my Powerbook also (as well as my iMac), and would the screensaver work for me on both computers?

I’m trying to find out the particulars of the license in actual operation, not just in theory. :slight_smile:

iScreensaver Personal will work to build screensavers on as many computers as your iTunes ID works on. The screensavers you build, however, will only work on that particular computer. So if you wanted to have a screensaver work on more than one computer, you could do this by building the screensaver on each of your iTunes-associated macs.