[Solved] Can't get a long SWF screensaver to loop

Hi All,
I just started using this software to build a corporate screensaver using Animate CC 2018. Currently, the SWF is around 53 seconds long and set to loop forever. However, it will not loop. I have made test SWF files that are shorter that loop perfectly. Is there a limit to how long a file can be and still loop or should I just split the file into smaller files and have the whole project loop forever?


There is no limit; most likely what’s wrong is that the SWF timeline is misbehaving and/or iScreensaver settings are not correct for that SWF file.

iScreensaver watches the SWF file and looks to see when it is on the last frame. When that happens, it will exit the SWF file and go on to the next item in the sequence. The behavior also depends on whether the SWF file has 1 frame or many frames.

Please read https://iscreensaver.com/help/help14.shtml about Flash/SWF timelines and looping behavior.

I actually found the problem just now. I had included a script that would make the stage scale to fullscreen on the first frame and that was blocking the looping action.

Right - it’s very important that the SWF does not include any scripts which change the screen size - it will result in bad side effects.

Let iScreensaver manage the screen size, and your SWF should just react to the changes and use the size that is provided.